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Basel Memo

32 Zwillinge – 32 Twins – 32 Jumeaux

Publishing house: Spalentor Verlag
Publication year: 2019
Format: Games & toys, 14.0 x 14.0 x 3.5 cm
ISBN: 7640311560003

CHF 24.80 In stock

Board games are very much in demand. Despite – or perhaps because of – the many electronic games, traditional games are still very popular. These include the so-called memo games, where a number of cards are laid out face down and the matching cards have to be found by turning over two cards. The Basler Kulturhaus Bider & Tanner and Spalentor Verlag are therefore publishing their first – Basel Memo – with 32 photos of Basel. The cards are supplemented by a game manual with descriptions of the individual objects in three languages, so that even non-Baslers know what the photos are about.
Incidentally, in Basel this game was called «Zwillingsspiel» (twin game) around the 1950s. It was the Basel educator Berta von Schröder who brought the first twin game onto the market around 1940. This is why the Basel memo bears the subtitle «32 Twins – 32 Twins – 32 Jumeaux».


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